Personal Project - Resident Evil Fan Movie

2007-08-03 11:54:49 by MasterOfFlash

Well I know what you're thinking... another Resident Evil movie failure is about to be made.. Well, you'd be wrong!.. Well, hopefully. As I have stated in my last post, I am making a film as a personal project in order to graduate High School (In Quebec it's 5 years High School; anywhere else it's High School + Middle School) with an IBO Certificate. The IBO is an internationally recognized program, and if I get the IBO certificate, I could go to college in China or anywhere else pretty much without having to take extra years of schooling to "catch up to their standards".

Now, I wanted to do a film.. but about something I love and enjoy. After watching the shitty RE movies.. which only have like 4-5 things true to it in the series:

- Umbrella, T-Virus, Zombies, Nemesis, Jill, Olivera, Ashford, G-Virus, Massive outbreak that attack Raccon City.. and thats about it. The rest is complete nonsense pretty much. **Pfff.. super human woman.. you want to ruin the horror of the unstopable zombiez.. then you did**

Coming back to what I was saying, after watching the movies, I wanted to make something that actually stood true to the series. Now, I might have to split it up into sections in order to meet the deadline for my project. After the series of movie is complete, I will release it online.

My plans are to combine the Jill and Chris storylines from Resident Evil 1. I use to be a bit concerned about this, but Umbrella Chronicles is doing the same thing aswell. Besides, I wanted all the characters to have a role. Who wants a movie with Chris doing everything only to save Jill in the last 5 minutes, or vice versa. I want both the women and the men of Resident Evil 1 to play prominent parts.

**Note: This is an extremely tight budget film, so Props to for dozens of online tutorials that show people ways to make hollywood style effects for extremely cheap. If there's a reason that I am so commited to this project, it's because they've showed me I can do it.

As for the costumes, I am going full out. If I can score some cheaper combat looking assault vests, then I will, but I am going to order a bunch or combat gear online. Does anyone know if the shoulder piece Jill wears actually exists or how I can build that piece if not? I'll probably find a simple way though. Oh and the zombies will actually look kewl. There are so many online tutorials that teach you how to make really shitty zombies.

As for the setting, I live in an almost perfect location. I live like 2 miles from an enormous set of mountains and forest, and I also live 2 minutes away from an old historic mansion. I also know the perfect location to film as Raccoon City (Parts of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, as well as parts of Saint-Lambert, Quebec). I'll have to build a lot of sets though.

I will end off this post by simply.. asking for your help if you live around the Montreal region, or if you can come around to that region. I need some actors to play the S.T.A.R.S. members seen in the game, so If you look like one of them, and might be interested in helping out, PM me. Also, If you'd like to be part of the crew, then you can contact me as well. Any other people that want to contribute anything else, such as a 3d helicopter if I can't hire someone to ride a helicopter for us to shoot in, can also contact me.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment. I want to make this something the fans of RE will appreciate, as well as I. And as a person who doesn't like movies that butcher the books or games that they are based on.. any hardcore game fan will see everything they'd ever want to see.. minus perhaps most of the time consuming puzzles.. i think I might leave out most of the Helmet, Sword, Shield, and Armor keys.. and just merge them into one.

Anyways I'll keep you guys posted and updated.


Personal Project - Resident Evil Fan Movie


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